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UGG Women's Gloves

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UGGs is a popular line of sheepskin shoes and boots originating in Australia and New Zealand. In the 1950s, Frank Mortel of Mortel Sheepskin Factory created a popular spin on the traditional protective shoes worn by shepherds in olden days; in the 1970s, UGGs were primarily used by sea surfers, until ripped jeans and UGGs boots became part of the teenage “rebel” fad.

While continuing to offer their traditional line of unisex leather boots lined with comfortable sheepskin, UGGs has expanded their wares to include specialty items for both genders and all ages, such as handbags and various accessories like the UGG glove. Celebrities too have enjoyed the brand’s simple comfort, such as Rene Zellweger, Diana Ross, Sarah Paulson, and Drew Barrymore.

UGGs is renowned for the signature wool-lined booties, available in almost endless color and style options, usually featuring easy side fasteners and smooth nonslip soles. Some have been crafted with unique kangaroo leather or eco-friendly synthetic materials. Other popular items include the UGG glove; created in differing shapes and sizes to suit both men and women, bestsellers include gray Side Vent Sheepskin gloves, UGG Heritage Logo mittens, Turn Cuff gloves, and Fringed UGG glove.

The steadily growing and ever-trendy line of UGGs boots and accessories have been updated to welcome new seasonal favorites, such as the classic lace-up styled booties, moccasins, and sneakers. Successful features in prominent films and social culture icons have led to a dramatic increase in sales in recent years, attesting to the brand’s timeless practicality. The days when UGG styles were restricted to surfer fads has passed, as UGG has since sprouted into a brand recognized worldwide. Branch offs such as Decker UGGs have emerged as a successful fashion trend, especially in the United States. It seems the long lasting tradition of quality and comfort will continue on for many years to come.
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